Interlude · Kerry Loughman

Lily pads bow down in the wake of the heron
quietly fishing the river shallows.
On the footbridge to the art museum
two Japanese tourists pause, and pull
from hidden pockets smartphone cameras
to catch the tilting head, the questing eye.
College boys interrupt their game to watch,
sweaty bluster all stowed, manners ready.
Signs are taken for wonders... Mend me now.
One deft stab, a flip, quick-silver fish slips
down the uncompromising throat.
A moment's hunger sated, the hunter
goes alone fragmenting our attention,
webbed feet breaking plates on jade water.

Kerry Loughman has been published in the Muddy River Poetry Review and on now archived under "Poem of the Moment", and (seems like) a long time ago in Seventeen magazine.