In Taos Pueblo · Steve Nickman

Wait for a clear night –
most nights are clear –

Stars of the Dipper, stars
of Andromeda, so close

your eyes recoil, your hand
imagines touching them

on their blinding birthdays.
Their firework festoon

sends sulfur and silicon
(just atoms, just babies)

on solitary journeys:

sailors that reached
their destination.

This dull bare dust shines
with the inextinguishable

light of our old, still
continuing creation.

Steve Nickman lives in Brookline, Massachusetts and takes part in Poemworks: The Workshop for Publishing Poets. He is a psychiatrist and is working on a book about therapy, The Wound and the Spark. Steve's poetry is forthcoming or has recently appeared in Nimrod, Summerset Review, Tar River, Tule Review, and JuxtaProse.