high jinx

Bud Backen

the river by my house feeds
the entire st.lawrence seaway
but you couldn’t tell by looking
at it
seems to be more like a pretty
lake w/a little island in the middle
one day a kid thought it would
be fun to ride his bike down the
hill that leads to the landing
& off the dock into the water
they found the bike but
never saw the boy again
this is thirteen years since
there’s a current there down deep
can take things a thousand miles
dump ‘em into the atlantic ocean
w/out surfacing once
it’s a force just put there
by something I’d hate to
rattle too much
last summer I sat on that dock
dangled my feet in the water
thought about things passing by
deep down in the current
whole trees rocks the size of me
entire cliff-sides deer dogs cats
ermine little boys