haunted relics · Heidi Blakeslee

our holy grails are
artifacts of
documented hauntings

places where spirits have been seen
by more than one person at a time

we find our source of wonder
and imagination
by dreaming of
how dark dark is

we want to shine flashlights into basement corners
we already know the spirit world exists for sure,
and we test it over and over
assuring ourselves we’re not crazy

and it is ever there
in the doll, in the chair, in the mirror, in the old piano, in the room
and we feel comforted by that
hoping we can study and pick apart that relic
until we’re certain
it’s just a

Heidi Blakeslee lives near Pittsburgh PA. Her latest novel, The House and her latest poetry collection, Neurotica, were both published by Alien Buddha Press. She's been featured in WineDrunkSidewalk.com, Live Nude Poems, The Rye Whiskey Review, and Open Minds Quarterly.