Gray Love · Wilderness Sarchild

My love for you is like
the chickadee’s love
for weather, singing
through every season,
staying put when winter
winds force other birds
to southern climates.

Our love is like
the silver-gray side
of daybreak, the
gray chill of February,
not good, not bad,
(sometimes we forget),
only weather
that we fly into
and through
again and again
staying put

Wilderness Sarchild is the author of a full length poetry collection, Old Women Talking, (Passager Books), and the co-author of Wrinkles, the Musical, a play about women and aging that continues to be produced on Cape Cod, now in its third season. She has won awards for poetry and play writing from Veterans for Peace, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Chicago’s Side Project Theatre Company, and the Joe Gouveia WOMR National Poetry competition.