Grand Finale

Renuka Raghavan

I dreamt of you last night.
We were standing on a giant satellite,
the size of a yellow school bus.

How did we get here, you asked?
It was always the plan, I answered.
We’ve been preparing ourselves
for the past ten years.

We embraced,
our bodies locked. We were
buoyant and feather light, tethered
only to each other and the
rocketing satellite.

The vast universe shining behind us,
was the canvas we painted in radiant golds and silvers,
en route to our destination.

We stood side by side,
hand in hand,
watching particles and rings fly by
as we barreled into Saturn’s glowing heart.

On this, Cassini’s grand finale,
we can be as we want, my love,
knowing full well we will
never again touch the ground.