Elvis Presley Discusses the Nature of Reality / Love in the Age of Intelligent Machines (with dialogue from ‘GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS’ - 1962)

Andrew Darlington

why is it you feel so much more
al-ive in a storm, she says
while we
indulge in antique rituals
the touching of alien skin
the ceremonies of probing
dried folds and apertures
of flesh, making (pseudo)
love with the TV on

I don’t know, I guess maybe it’s
because everything seems more
intense, more real, says Elvis

while we
indulge in ancient ceremonies
of waiting, of penetration
of silence, of shifting
of engulfings and
barren devourings
to shared TV memories

this is real, she says
yes, says Elvis

while we indulge in
withered games of breathing
that leave us just as empty
and withdrawals that leave
the same vacuum, the same
unease that remains
as intangible

you sound doubtful, she says
you’re not too real yourself
says Elvis

words that are just as
unformed and unspoken

not yet, she says

Dialogue by Edward Anhalt/Allan Weiss
reproduced by kind permission of

Issue 1 : Fall, 2016