Dream in Which the World Revealed Itself to Me

Hannah Larrabee

after "Mad Rush" by Philip Glass

You say you're gone until I change. Remember, we must tread
lightly in war, hearts and minds at stake.

In a dream, in fields of grass, I stared up atthenightsky.
Mountains were shadows, silhouettes on stage with a waning

The world disappeared. I was expected to do the same.
Then a burst of light like an exploding satellite.

Then another.

            And another.

These were planets approaching in their bright-colored jackets,
planets puncturing the black sheet of sky, staggering the nighttime

And it seemed just right for me to admire them without knowing
if they would bring an end to us, or if they brushed by the moon,
or if the moon was rattled by all these replacements.

I thought a minute about worlds so close ... all the fish confused
in other seas ...

You might want me to change,but I have never belonged here
in such a way as to describe a dream in the manner that would
move you, profoundly,toward loving me.

I suppose to see something for the first time is the purest dimension,
the threads between our fingers snapping into place.

I wish to see you again, you know.