Dousing our Genoa

Gene Barry

Tumble into my memory Dad
and let us walk that umbilical road,
where we will cast those parental nets,
trawl through our mom and dad’s unspoken
and drift through seas of understanding.

Come tune these heartstrings Dad
and sing my favourite childhood songs,
minuet me with little feet so light that
we can swing into arms we long for,
dress me in the colours of happiness.

Douse our family Genoa Dad
and ease the tiller from mother’s hand
and please become that night watchman
who will track a peaceful childhood course
we drifted from in times of parental fogs.

Do not leave me now Dad,
but bed yourself into my heart,
I have rooms there for you to
decorate and furnish, so many volumes of
misunderstandings for you to read and write.