Done Eden · Daniel Moore

The voice on the tour bus cruising Clearwater Beach
said *look on your right is the killer white shark eating

pale white tourists from Toronto*. & my voice knew they
tasted like chicken, knew there were no hungry Great Whites

in the warm blue Gulf of Mexico. They were up the road
at Bible College in the heart of downtown Dunedin.

Yes, I have done Eden. & barley survived with bite marks
as proof that a white man’s teeth can enter young hearts

cloaked in starched shirts & ties, with neck veins hard as the
steps of a ladder Jacob could have climbed to heaven on.

I was whipped by grace into a song so amazing, everyone
sweated a hot ounce of guilt on a bus I drove to find god

in a land that worshipped the sun like Aztecs on speed & didn’t
give a damn about dangerous waters under the tongues of men.

Daniel Moore lives in Washington on Whidbey Island. His chapbook Boys, is forthcoming from Duck Lake Books in December 2019. His first book, Waxing the Dents, was a finalist for the Brick Road Poetry Book Prize and will be released in February 2020. Visit him at