Disgruntled Folk Artist Yells at Wind

Red Focks

Nobody sucks on death, harder and sloppier than the blue and breathless.
A gentle breeze through a vortex.
A wormhole, slap dab in the middle of existence.
Gravity creates tragedy.
What a back-stabbing travesty
Eh tu Brute?
"Just going with the flow of things."
Little rocks and blocks.
Blunt objects off of the ground.
Hold it down.
The scientific art of not letting nature push your ass around.
But there's no correct answer.
Take back your stuff, end up with lung cancer.
This shit you're in, gets hot and runny in the sun.
Everybody just wants to HATE someone.
God, the holy fucking father.
Mother nature.
The dog from Fraizer.
Charlton Heston.
Interchangeable celebrity #2297
Or all the other haters.
Slow news day.
Tell them to hate the air next.
See what they say

Issue 1 : Fall, 2016