College Dining Hall · Timothy Gager

Like Jesus, the school produced every Friday
    Fish, bread and macaroni and cheesy spinach squares

To feed the multitudes, but we had to
    add five shakes of salt for flavor

to force it down, till the sun didn’t shine
    But, the next time it did I held up a salt shaker

forming a prism decorating a girl beautifully like
    David Bowie’s album cover, the gal insane.

The bread just a loaf of Wonder
    I planned to steal and she followed me –

a temporary pillar
    of impermanent salt,

Timothy Gager is the Fiction Editor of The Wilderness House Literary Review, the founding co-editor of The Heat City Literary Review. A graduate of the University of Delaware, Timothy lives in Dedham, Massachusetts, and is employed as a social worker. He is currently seeking representation for his third novel, Joe the Salamander.