Brad Rose

At the Shine and Go, I dream of winning the lottery twice. The guy behind me, in the Mercedes, looks like Kim Jong Un. His girlfriend is prettier than Kim’s wife, but he’s probably over-mortgaged. He’s got Florida plates. They say climate change is making it rain all the time. Yesterday, I saw a knife in the sky. It ripped through the clouds like a scalpel. Fortunately, there wasn’t any bleeding. At night, I try to listen in my sleep, but I have thoughts that I have no idea I’m having. You know how it is. In America, you can be anyone you want, but you can’t be smarter than yourself. Tuesday, I had to make a copy of my driver’s license. My landlord wanted to make sure it was me. As I waited in line at Kinko’s for the copy machine, the line behind me got longer and longer. So many copies. Who’s calling the shots around here, anyway? I yelled. Nobody answered. Maybe they didn’t know it’s a free country? I love free stuff. It makes me happy. Don’t you just love free stuff? Me too. Noah loved all the animals on his boat. They lined up, two by two. He didn’t charge any of them for the cruise. Not one. Hey, it’s starting to rain again. It could rain here for a long, long time. Noah obeyed everything God commanded him to do. Hope I don’t drown before the Rapture.