Toronto, Mon Amour · Kevin Tosca

or: When I Want to Rip Their Arms from Their Useless Bodies Like They Ripped the Tree from Its Useful Life and Let Their Superfluous Meat Freeze to Death on the Sidewalk Before Being Thrown into Garbage Trucks by Angry and Hopeless Men

  February is no month to die.
  Yet a group of young Canadians destroyed our tree last night—Saturday night—at 3:13 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.
  Laughter. Screams. Violence and Fun.
  I feel more for that tree than I do for any human being living on Madison Avenue.
  This, my love, is the stupidest hell I’ve ever known.

Kevin Tosca is the author of Paris By Night (Holy&intoxicated Publications), The Sage-Femme and The Whore (Analog Submission Press), Questions Are My Only Answers (Alien Buddha Press), and My French (Analog Submission Press). He lives in Berlin.