April 30th, 2019 · SB Campisi

My bedroom is late spring cold.
I refuse to shut the blinds
before I drink up
all the daylight.
The neighbor with the orange house across the way
picks through the leaves
of her small, budding trees,
brushes a gloved hand over the shrubs.
For eleven months of a lease,
I have watched her tend to her Garden of Eden,
only two blocks off Medford Street.
The sun is lower now and my neighbor is gone.
I am still here, a cold bird perched
at the window, looking at the dull bushes
and sleeping grapevine,
watching the sun turn the branches to shadow puppets,
struggling to remember the last time
I watered my orchid.

Born and raised in Saco, Maine, SB Campisi moved to Boston after receiving a BFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University in 2018. They’ve reported for Cambridge Community Television’s journalism project, “Neighbor Media.” Their poetry explores how to struggle, cope, and thrive within fluctuating mental health, gender identity, and relationships.