Ann Pudeator

Cindy Veach

Hanged, September 22, 1692

Because you asked them to stay mum
none of your five children
came to your defense

even though they knew
you didn’t visit the sick
pretending kindnes

and kill. What nurse can make
every patient well? They knew the poppets
stuck with thorns were placed

on purpose and all the ointments —
you put them in so many things
were for concocting twenty kinds

of soap. They would have said
you weren’t the caus of Jon Turners falling
off the cherry tree
. You had nothing

to do with the pinching & Bruseing of John Best’s wife
Till her Earms & other parts of her Body Looked Black
and that you would never have forced Sarah

to sett her hand to the book. Samuel Pikworth swore
you passed him as swifte as if a burd flue by
but if you could have bewitched yourself into a bird

you would have. Instead, you stood and stated
what your children knew — the Evidence against you
was altogether false & untrue.

Quotes (in italics) from The Salem Witchcraft Documentary Archive and Transcription Project.