A Note to Benger, Way Out in Kansas

Scott Silsbe

And it is quite a ways. I know — I’ve done
the drive. Well, to Kansas City at least.
Never been to Lenexa. How is Lenexa?
Benger, I am here with your chapbook
next to me and I have just read one called
“A Crack in Her Teacup.” I’ve finished
my lunch, on break from work. This is
a lunch poem, I guess. I decided to have
me a beer with my lunch. Because I can,
because it’s almost Independence Day,
because I’m feeling kind of free, I guess.
Benger, the beer tastes good, but I have
to go back to work very soon, I’m afraid.
Benger, I hope you’ll keep pounding that
page and I will keep at it too. This isn’t
much of one, but you’ll have that — there
will be some duds. Add it to the Mount.
Tried out one this morning that I called
“Writer’s Block Does Not Exist.” Not 
sure it is a very good poem, but, well, 
I dug the title and message. Sometimes 
you’ve gotta write yourself a bad poem 
with a good title. All else be damned.