307 · Glen Hogard

the year proposes a quick union
our lord notarizes the scent of the paper
he ignores the text and slight bleed through
accumulation takes us back
like forgetting the garbage
a pen on principle and to stab
holes in the surface for miles we abandon clues
someone took our clothes or were they old fashioned
splayed for the tanner

Glen Hogard lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and completed a MA in creative writing at the University of Calgary and an undergrad degree at York University in Toronto. He has published in various chapbook anthologies and has just completed a book-length poetry collection, of which, the submitted poetry is a selection. Each poem was written and edited within a 24-hour period and is assigned that day it was written in sequence as the title. The poems are compressed walks off a lyrical plank within the pressure of that day. His agreement with Twitter can be found @saaski2